Wellness Checks

Preventative medicine is the pillar of veterinary health care. Many diseases and health issues can be treated more easily with early detection. Our wellness checks include a thorough physical examination and discussion with the veterinarian about any concerns or health care issues. As our pets age much faster than us, we recommend healthy young pets be seen annually, and every 6 months for pets older than 7 years of age. 

Alternative Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis is difficult for everyone involved and we would like to do whatever we can to make this time easier for you and your pet. East York Animal Clinic offers a variety of different modalities to manage cancers including cytokine therapy, Iscador, and iTherm.  We also provide supportive care to patients receiving conventional chemotherapy or radiation using herbal therapy, detoxifiers, and nutritional recommendations.

Vaccines & Titer Testing

While vaccinations are an important part of protecting our pets from disease, we strive to avoid over-vaccination by offering in-clinic titer testing.  A titer test quantifies the level of antibodies to a disease in a pet's blood. If the antibodies are at a sufficient level, booster vaccinations may not be necessary.

Allergy Consultations

Itching and gastrointestinal upsets are some of the most common issues we see pets for and the symptoms can often be attributed to food or environmental allergies. East York Animal Clinic offers both the NutriScan® test as well as the Spot Serum Allergy test to help you determine what makes your pet itch!

Raw Food & Home Prepared Diets

Our Veterinarians fully support raw food feeding, but special needs patients may need to make some adjustments to the usual commercial diets available. A nutritional consult with one of our three holistic veterinarians will help guide you to a complete and balanced diet for your pet.


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