Dr. Candice Chiu

Dr. Candice Chiu Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,
The Univeristy of Sydney, 2009

Graduating from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2009, Candice has worked in the beautiful tropics of Northern Queensland until 2010, when the illness of her family pet, Popcorn, brought her back to Toronto.

Dr. Chiu has been with East York Animal Clinic since 2013. She has a special interest in general surgery, dental health, and acupuncture. She often attends conferences and seminars to stay well-informed with medical developments.

 In her spare time, Dr. Chiu enjoys reading, travelling, trying out new things at least once (parachuting, hang gliding, rappelling, etc. to name a few). She is going through a lengthy bucket list! She also enjoys experimenting with new recipes tricking others to eat it… so far no complaints from the victims yet.

 Dr. Chiu was adopted by Doctor Nickademus, a Kuvasz, whose stubborn nature challenges her everyday.