Meet Our Colleagues

AnneAnne with Pepper

Anne, our RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) and Assistant Manager, has been with East York Animal Clinic since September 1999.  She lives with her 2 furry friends, Pepper (Border Collie/Lab cross) and Elliott Fairy Dust (3-legged cat).

"I love to see the interaction between Pepper and Elliott.  They have become good buddies.  The two of them bring a lot of joy into my life."

Anne loves to do anything outdoors.  Camping, hiking with Pepper and friends, gardening, going for bicycle rides, and adventures on her motorcycle.


Chris with FrodoChris
“Every animal is unique in their own way.”

Chris, our Office Manager and Veterinary Technician, has been with East York Animal Clinic since September 1985. Chris loves her job and enjoys experiencing new challenges on a daily basis. She likes the holistic aspect, various treatments available and used at the clinic as well as the good working environment.

Chris is the human for Teddy (cat), Niko (cat) Frodo (dog), and Thunder Gekky (gecko). Chris’ favourite things about her pets: “Their unconditional love, constant companionship for family and how they interact with my son.”

Chris enjoys Hockey, North Country Cottaging, garage sale-ing, and spending time with her family.


"I am just so happy to be a part of this wonderful clinic and getting the chance to see alternative approaches really pay off for the animals."

Jacen has been a Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist at East York Animal Clinic since September 2014.  He loves learning about holistic treatments, as well as getting to play with all the furry companions that come in.

Jacen is the human for Siren, his spunky feline, as well as Akroma, her crazy sister.  His favorite thing about his pets: "There is never a dull moment when I am around them. And even though they are the reason I can never own nice things, I wouldn't trade their hilarious antics for anything!"

Jacen enjoys reading, video games, wine and cheese, and getting to spend time with his friends.



“I’m good at what I do, and I get respect from the other staff—they leave me alone to do ‘my thing’ and trust me to deliver. I get my jollies from helping people, and ‘taking care of business’ so they don’t have to worry.”

Mary, our bookkeeper, has been with East York Animal Clinic since November 2006. She likes the people and the atmosphere. “Everybody is very friendly, and truly loves the animals.”

Mary used to have a cat named Hastings but he died and she never got another one because “We’re out of the house too much and it wasn’t fair on him.” Mary’s favourite thing about Hastings: “He was very cuddly. I loved it when I’d be sitting on the couch and he’d climb up on me, curl up and start ‘revving his engines’ (purring).”

Mary enjoys dancing (Ballroom, Latin, Square, Swing, Line)—in her words, “You name it, I like it!” Her interests also include Zumba, travel, playing Bridge, camping, board games and needlecrafts.


Maryann with Sugar

"Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail!"

Maryann is a graduate of Western University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She has been with East York Animal Clinic since October 2013, and enjoys the holistic approach to health and preventative care that the clinic offers.

Maryann is the human to her cat Teep.

She enjoys taking part in various fitness and endurance challenges like the CN Tower Stair Climb, and Tough Mudder.  Maryann is also an amateur Muay Thai fighter, and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Natalie with HunterNatalie
I like the variety of alternatives available at East York Animal Clinic as well as seeing all the different pets and their personalities.”

Natalie is an RVT and has been with East York Animal Clinic since July 2009.  Natalie likes the day-to-day variety and how there is always something to learn at the clinic.

Natalie is the human for her dog Hunter, and loves taking him out hiking when the weather isn't too hot.

Natalie enjoys traveling, snowboarding, yoga, and reading. She is interested in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Animal Behaviour.