Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Paul McCutcheon
Dr. Paul McCutcheon“Our ultimate goal is to motivate the physician within our patients.”

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM
Ontario Veterinary College, 1962

Dr. McCutcheon is a member of:
•    American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, AHVMA
•    College of Veterinarians of Ontario, CVO
•    Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, OVMA

Dr. McCutcheon, our Director, founded the East York Animal Clinic in 1962 after completing his DVM at the Ontario Veterinary College. He likes the challenges of work here at the clinic and the motivation it provides. He has a long history of media involvement including radio, television and print. He has served his profession in various capacities, including President of the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Director of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. In 1979, Dr. McCutcheon was honoured as the Veterinarian of the year. Current interests: author of The New Holistic Way.

Dr. McCutcheon is the human for Tommy (cat). Dr. McCutcheon’s favourite thing about Tommy: “His selfless affection.”

Dr. McCutcheon enjoys gardening, media activity, being with his family which includes his wife Jean, their 5 children, 10 grandchildren and Tommy, and service work with his Rotary club. 


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Dr. Cindy Kneebone
Dr. Cindy Kneebone“We live in a disease society not a wellness society. Prevention is better than waiting for an illness and then trying to treat the illness because pathology doesn’t exist. Pathology is adaptive physiology, a response in the body to an immune system disorder.”

Herbalist Diploma,
Dominion College, 1974

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM
Ontario Veterinary College, 1981

Diploma in Homeopathy, D. Vet. Hom
British Institute of Homeopathy, 1997

Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine, TCM V.P.
Huang Di College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1998

Diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture, D.V.A.
Michener Institute, 2000

Dr. Kneebone is a member of:
•    American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, AHVMA
•    International Veterinary Acupuncture society, IVAS
•    College of Veterinarians of Ontario, CVO
•    Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, CVMA
•    American Academy of Ozonotherapy, AAO

Dr. Kneebone decided to pursue a career in Veterinary medicine upon completion of an Herbalist diploma in 1974. She received her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1981. Turning her focus towards natural medicine, she obtained a diploma in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 1997. In 1998, she obtained a diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine from Huang Di College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Kneebone completed a diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture at the Michener Institute in 2000. She is certified with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. Dr. Kneebone is also a certified Ozone Therapist and member of The American Academy of Ozonotherapy.

Dr. Kneebone has been with East York animal Clinic since 1998. She focuses on natural medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and general surgery. Dr. Kneebone attends seminars and conferences as part of her ongoing pursuit of natural medicine.

Dr. Kneebone is the human for Shotsy and Sunny (cats) and Rocky (dog). Dr. Kneebone’s favourite things about her pets:

“What I like about my pets is what they teach or remind me of everyday:
Rocky, our canine friend; reminds me everyday about being happy to be alive, to be ready to go to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. Shotsy, the older cat, about being “aloof” and independent but always there when he’s needed and finally, the younger kitty Sunny—he’s pure altruistic love curled up in the curve of my arm or pressed into the small of my back purring me to sleep.”

Dr. Kneebone enjoys cycling, stargazing, swimming, quiet country life and farming.


Dr. Candice Chiu

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,
The University of Sydney, 2009

Graduating from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2009, Candice has worked in the beautiful tropics of Northern Queensland until 2010, when the illness of her family pet, Popcorn, brought her back to Toronto.

Dr. Chiu has been with East York Animal Clinic since 2013. She has a special interest in general surgery, dental health, and acupuncture. She often attends conferences and seminars to stay well-informed with medical developments.
In her spare time, Dr. Chiu enjoys reading, travelling, trying out new things at least once (parachuting, hang gliding, rappelling, etc. to name a few). She is going through a lengthy bucket list! She also enjoys experimenting with new recipes tricking others to eat it… so far no complaints from the victims yet. 
Dr. Chiu was adopted by Doctor Nickademus, a Kuvasz, whose stubborn nature challenges her everyday.