Vol 2, Issue 1 - The Power of Heat and New Legislation

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That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling – The Healing Power of Heat

 There is no denying the comfort we get from a cup of hot cocoa, the relaxation of a sauna, steam bath or a Jacuzzi.  Instinctively, we apply a warm compress to a sports injury and we know arthritis can become stiff in the winter cold and more fluid with the warmth of spring. 

 Hippocrates said “Give me the power to create fever, and I shall cure any disease.”  Fevers have somehow become synonymous with illness, yet we must not forget that the fever is a natural response for the body to fight diseases.   Uncontrolled fevers are dangerous, but when monitored and managed properly, a fever is the most organic way to fight infections.  Increased body temperature speeds up blood circulation, bringing in more oxygen, nutrients and immune cells to repair damaged tissue, and at the same time, flush toxins and necrotic cells out, thus allowing the body to heal.

 Deep tissue heat therapy has been around for many years.  Its application has been used to relieve joint pain, muscle aches, and much more.  Limitation in the past has been due to the ability to target the tissue of interest and to create and maintain the desired therapeutic temperature for a prolonged period of time.  Applying a hot towel to your sore back definitely makes you feel better and helps relieve pain temporarily.  However, the heat easily dissipates through exchange with the environment and most of the time it warms up the skin, but not the entire depth of the muscle.  It may take lots of hot towels and many hours of application to achieve a very minor amount of tissue healing.

 Thanks to research in medical technology, we are able to offer our patients I-Therman effective hyperthermia therapy.  The device, I-Therm, produces magnetic resonance energy which speeds up the vibration frequency at the molecular level creating heat which can penetrate to a depth of 6” within the tissue.  The molecules vibrate faster creating friction which is transformed into energetic heat.  Essentially, we are letting the tissue create its own heat from the inside instead of applying an external heat from the outside.  Heat energy produced this way can reach the therapeutic temperature faster and stay stable for a prolonged period of time.  Since its introduction this year, many of our patients with previous mobility issues have enjoyed the great benefits it offers. 

 More and more research is demonstrating hyperthermia therapy as an adjunct in other applications; One of particular interest is its application as an adjunct therapy for cancer.  In fact, the National Cancer Institute has listed hyperthermia therapy as one of the treatment options in cancer.  Used together, it has been shown to increase the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  It has the palliative effect of pain relief, potentially shrinks the size of the tumour, and provides patients with quality of life.

 Some of your pets are already enjoying the treatment of I-Therm therapy.  We would welcome you to share any feedback or experiences you could provide so that we could make improvements and help more patients in need of this service.

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