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Holiday Thunder

Once again, the winter and holiday seasons are upon us. 

For those of you who feel you might need a refresher on safety for your pets during this time of year, we have some helpful resources on our website.

Be merry, happy holidays and see you all next year!

~ Dr. Paul McCutcheon, Dr. Cindy Kneebone, & Dr. Candice Chiu




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Holiday Gatherings With Your Pets

‘Tis the season for many of us to be hosting parties or visiting relatives and friends for the holidays;   Many of us will want to include our furry companions in the celebrations. By looking things through different perspectives, hopefully we can reduce the chaos to a minimum and still enjoy the holiday feast.

The Hostess with the Mostess

Oh what fun it is to see our guests’ face light up when pets in little elves’ attire greet them at the door. Yes, our pets may disown us for putting them in these humorous costumes, but here are other more serious hazards ahead.  Here are a few tips to make your parties a little less stressful for you and your pets.

1.       Your kitchen is likely to be filled with yummy aromas from the gourmet dinner. An excitable dog may be trailing after you as you struggle to get that 20 lb turkey out of the oven, body blocking you and leaving slippery drool on the floor. Consider some time out in a quiet room before he/she drives you and your guests crazy.

2.      Stuffed with turkey and eggnog and cannot be bothered to take out the overflowing trash? Take it out before everyone crashes to avoid a second feast while the humans are sleeping.

3.      If your invitation includes the guests and their furry plus ones, consider the following: how well-behaved are their pets? Do your guests have good control of them? Do they and your own pets get along? Are any of the pets suffering from chronic illnesses that may require extra care in planning out their lavatory needs? With their routine turned upside down, the most well behaved dog/cats can soil your carpet. Who wants to dash through the snow (or the lack of) to buy stain remover?  If your guests are bringing their pets’ own food, be prepared for tummy upset when your pets decide to swap lunch bags.

4.      Start pet-proofing your house. Just because your Lassie is a well-behaved gentleman who brings newspaper and can play Chopin on the piano, doesn’t mean your furry guests won’t take the first chance to drink from the toilet or chew up everyone’s shoes.

5.      If for certain reasons, you think having extra furry guests in your house during the holiday season just won’t work out, be candid and discuss with your guests ahead of time so they can make arrangements. Don’t let the desire to please wear yourself out

6.      Vice versa, if you were the one being invited to a holiday gathering, think deeply before deciding if it is okay to bring your pets along or if they are better off at a responsible kennel. Imagine what it is like when you have to meet the in-laws? That’s probably what some of these high- strung pets feel like. If you are bringing your pets for overnight stays, discuss with your hosts what you should bring. Every household accommodate their animals in different ways, such as the beddings, litter materials, etc… this will ensure the transition is as smooth for your pets as it is for you and your hosts. After all, you do want to be invited back next year, don’t you?

Christmas Puppies, courtesy of Quotes LOL-ROFL.com

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