Volume 3, Issue 1

Volume 3, Issue 1
Frodo's Thoughts - Has your pooch had his heartworm and tick test yet?

Are YOU up for the tooth fairy challenge?

Cat loves his toothbrushDid you know that dental disease is the most common disease occurring in pets?  A strong advocate for pet dental care, Dr. Candice Chiu invites you to take our tooth fairy challenge!

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Every Dog's Knead

East York Animal Clinic is excited to be able to offer on-site massage therapy by our certified canine massage therapist, Jacen Tearrik.  Whether for injured muscles, post-surgery recovery, or just to get your pet accustomed to human touch, your pet is sure to enjoy a relaxing session here.

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What's New On The Menu?

Over the many years, East York Animal Clinic has shared in the philosophy of raw food feeding.  We have recently partnered with Tollden Farms to provide you with a new selection of raw food diets for your cats and dogs.

For those who want a healthy alternative to raw, East York Animal Clinic is excited to introduce the veterinary exclusive FreshRx!  The diet is comprised of raw fruits and vegetables with lightly cooked meat to ensure it is Salmonella and E. coli free, and is a safe and nutritious diet for individuals with immune compromised pets or family members.

Not sure if your pet would enjoy these diets?  Individual servings are available for sale!

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