Volume 4, Issue 1

Volume 4, Issue 1
Frodo's Thoughts - Probiotics, more than a digestive aid


     It’s hard to talk about the use of antibiotics and probiotics exclusively in veterinary medicine as this subject has applications in human medicine as well as in agricultural practices.

     If you have been a long term client at our clinic, you will probably have been given a probiotic for your pet for a variety of reasons. It seems like the rest of the world is finally catching up on the benefits of probiotics in both the medical and veterinary field. There are even suggestions of using probiotics in place of antibiotics for minor infections, which could indirectly help to reduce the rise of the superbug era.

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Heartworm and Tickborne Diseases

It's that time of year again! East York Animal Clinic recommends our canine companions be tested for heartworm exposure that might have occurred during the last mosquito season.  In addition to heartworm, our comprehensive test includes screening for three tickborne diseases as well, as ticks have been an increasing presence in Ontario.  To schedule an appointment, please call our clinic at (416) 757-3569.

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