Volume 5, Issue 2

Travelling With Pets

It seems that we are seeing more and more pets traveling with their people. With the holidays approaching, I thought we’d do a little piece on practical things to be aware of if you plan to take your pets with you on a flight. 
Not many people would say that air travel is enjoyable. Traffic to the airport, the lines, potential delay, the paperwork and the cramped seats are probably things that everyone would like to skip and get to their vacation already. If you and I, as somewhat rational human beings, can still feel a tinge of anxiety when traveling, try explaining this situation to our trusting companions who rely on their instincts to process the vast amount of stimuli coming their way.

Holiday Health Hazards

The holidays are a time for gathering and celebration. Unfortunately, with all the gifts, floral décor, and treats, our pets are at an increased risk for exposure to toxins. For a quick reference on whether your pet will require veterinary care, download the free ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center app. This includes a comprehensive list of food, plant, medication, and household hazards that our pets may encounter. The app also includes a chocolate toxicity calculator!

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